The idea for ArchiPro evolved out of our own building challenges

We found ourselves endlessly searching for inspiration and saving images to folders, but lacking the practical details needed for implementation in our own projects. Who was the architect? Which builder did they use? What timber was used in the cladding? Where was that beautiful couch from? We also quickly realised there was no central point for people to easily find trusted architectural products and skilled trade professionals. The whole process felt like a maze with no clear path to success and a lot of traps along the way. The frustration sparked an innovative idea and we set out to revolutionise the design and build industry.

Our dream was to create a platform that would simplify the entire building process, bringing together all facets of design and construction in one beautifully designed space. With our own experience building, plus a background in selling products to specifiers, builders and homeowners, Brittany and I were well placed to understand and solve the challenges of marketing professional services and products to people building.

In 2014, ArchiPro was born in New Zealand, with three pillars at its core: Products, Professionals, and Projects. These pillars formed the foundation of our mission to empower people to create better spaces where life could be experienced to the fullest. We envisioned a future where everyone could access high-quality products and skilled professionals, while also providing a source of inspiration and best practices for the industry as a whole. As ArchiPro has evolved, we’ve expanded the platform’s functionality, introducing features such as product tagging and Business Analytics. In 2021, ArchiPro launched into Australia, supported by a passionate team in Sydney and Melbourne. And now in 2023 we’ve launched ArchiPro 3.0, the next generation of our platform.

Today, I’m proud to say ArchiPro has bridged the gap between inspiration and practicality, making it the go-to platform for individuals seeking to create exceptional spaces. With every connection made, every project completed, and every life enhanced, ArchiPro continues to shape the buildings that will be admired and celebrated for generations to come.

“I have recently renovated my home, exhausting 456 hours of searching for the perfect products, professionals and design inspiration, all documented across several multi tab spreadsheets. It wasn’t until I found ArchiPro, that I understood my journey could be seamless.”
Michaela and Joanne

Helping people with building projects succeed

We’re a cutting-edge platform that simplifies the end-to-end building experience. Design-led and exceptionally engineered, ArchiPro is a game-changing industry leader where millions of people on their building journey find inspiration, products, professionals, and advice on our all-in-one platform.
ArchiPro was founded in Milot and Brittany’s bedroom one Saturday evening in March 2014.
ArchiPro has grown to a team of 150 entrepreneurs obsessive about simplifying the building experience.
Since launch, millions of people have used ArchiPro to improve their building experience.


We believe that within each of us lies the power to shape the world around us, to redefine what is possible, and to create spaces that leave a lasting impact. We exist for the dreamers and the visionaries. When people come to ArchiPro they’re not just looking for products and professionals, they’re looking for the spark that ignites the imagination and the connections to turn their aspirations into reality. We connect big ideas with the people able to execute them. And in doing so, we’ve created a like-minded community that is empowered to transform the spaces we call home, and in which we experience life.

We understand the freedom and power in self-expression. Through the spaces we create and the clothes we wear, we tell the world who we are. We see architecture and fashion as intertwined, a way to wear our inner selves on the outside for all to see. But while trends may change, it’s quality that stands the test of time, and that’s why we’ve built our platform around trusted professionals and products.

As advocates for the power of design, we believe it isn’t just about how something looks but how it fundamentally works as well. It’s this mindset that shapes our DNA; design informs everything we do, ideas can come from anywhere, and execution is everything. Our curiosity, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit enables us to build innovative solutions to simplify the end-to-end building journey. Our future lies in our ability to not only inspire and connect, but to influence what we build. Because buildings don't just reflect our society, they shape it.

We believe that together we can create a better built future, and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey with you.


Our brand brings our vision to reality – it represents everything we stand for, and ties together the core pillars of our platform. Design is at the core of everything that we do, so how we show up in the world is important to us. In our name, 'Arch' echoes the profound power of Architecture, the very essence of shaping extraordinary spaces. The 'i' symbolises our commitment to crafting captivating Interiors that inspire and elevate. And 'Pro' encompasses our unwavering dedication to Projects, Products, and Professionals, forging a path of unparalleled creativity and expertise.


Our logomark is more than just a combination of letters; it's a visual representation of our brand's essence and the values we uphold. It embodies the passion, innovation, and creativity that are at the core of ArchiPro and our commitment to the world of architecture and design.


The four letters, A, P, A, and P, have a specific significance within our logo. The letter A stands for ArchiPro, our main identity and the driving force behind our brand. It represents our dedication to excellence and the architectural expertise we provide.


The letter P, repeated twice, represents two essential elements: Products and Professionals. It signifies our commitment to showcasing high-quality products and the collaboration between architects, designers, and industry professionals. We believe that by connecting these two aspects, we create a synergy that elevates the field of architecture and design.


The second A in our logo emphasises the importance of Archizeen, our fourth pillar. Archizeen represents the future, the exploration of new ideas, and the continuous evolution of architecture and design. It adds a touch of uniqueness and forward-thinking to our brand.


Our vision is to empower people to create better spaces in which we experience life. To do this, we're making quality architecture more accessible, and this, in turn, will inspire people to invest in quality products and trusted professionals they need to get the job done on time and on budget.


Trying to find quality professionals that you can trust with your home build or renovation project can be difficult and scary – we’ve been there before. We’re dedicated to bringing together a community of trusted professionals and brands that bring project dreams to life, so all businesses listed on ArchiPro have been through a thorough vetting process to ensure their reliability.



Our team are based across New Zealand and Australia, with our beautiful head office in Auckland and supporting offices in Sydney and Melbourne. A strong on-the-ground presence enables us to connect with the industry, and deeply understand the needs of people building and renovating.






We’re a team of entrepreneurs, creatives, thinkers, technologists, designers and doers, unlocking the value of the built environment through inspiration and leading architecture into the future. We approach our objectives with passion and purpose to push the envelope of existing online technologies and provide pixel perfect web experiences for those looking to build. We believe in doing everything better and more efficiently than any other business in our field - for anyone else it’s a job; for us, it’s our core purpose.



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